Focus On Your Path.

focus of your path.

Mind is multidimensional, which never come on one specific point for few minuets, it can slip from one point.

for example you are going to your home from your university then first of all you have to choose the road or path to reach at your home, when you travel through it, you meet many people crossing you or come opposite on road, and many other things but you have to focus on your purpose that i have to reach at my home, whatever the situation is you are facing leave those, and continue your path.

Ups And Downs in Life.

We are blessed with this life, we always wish to live in the happiness, but life is like a road which leads to our destination, where we face many ups and downs to get our purpose of life.

BTW we can not get our purpose of life ourselves, although there are many supporters, friends are always help & motivate us to get our destination.
After facing all ups and downs, at the end of the day we successfully completed our path of life we get our purpose.

So, friends face the ups and downs of your life and eat the sweet fruit of your life.

People are like flowers.

This world is beautiful with these flowers but there are many great people arround us, they are more beautiful than these flowers.

when they speaks something, we never forget those words spoken by them, when they behave like a flower is standing in the morning, we get sweet smell from them.

It’s nothing but it is their simple & kind behavior with us.

Dear Friends let’s behave like these beautiful flowers..